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      ELTRA's ONH analyzers determine the oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen content of inorganic sample materials using inert gas fusion in an impulse furnace with temperatures of more than 3,000 C. The ONH s...
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      RETSCH has further perfected the compact bench top model of the jaw crusher series. The new BB 50 offers many features which ensure efficient and convenient usage. The speed can be set between 550 an...
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      Perfect for extra powerful and fast pre- and fine-crushing of hard and very hard brittle materials - from 95 mm down to 100 m in a single step...
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      2 models to measure particle shape and size of powders and bulk solids as well as in suspensions and emulsions in the measuring range of 20 m - 20 mm...
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      When using conventional elemental analyzers for carbon and sulfur determination in solids, the user has to decide whether to use a resistance furnace to analyze organic compounds or an induction furn...

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      How exactly atoms and molecules in biochemical solutions or at solid-liquid interfaces do interact, is a question of great importance. Answers will provide insights at processes in catalysts, smart fu...
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      Evonik Industries opens its first analytical center for animal feed in South Asia. Located in Singapore, this multi-million US dollar investment will complement the specialty chemicals company network...
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      Scientists in Switzerland, Germany, and France explored how the insect eye works and designed and built the first fully-functional miniature curved artificial compound eyes. The "CURVACE" pr...
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      The contrast agent gadolinium, which is used in medicine for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), may enter the food chain through surface water. This is the result of an investigation by the BAM Federal...
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      Progress means that many things that are used in everyday life are becoming more manageable, practical and generally smaller. This also applies to biological and chemical experiments. To save material...

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      The work includes performing genetic experiments, such as crosses for transgenesis and homologous recombination, maintaining the groups Drosophila stocks, in-situ hybridization, immunostains, confocal...
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      The master project will investigate biotransformation pathways of micropollutants, containing an amine functional group, in activated sludge microbial consortia sourced from wastewater treatment plant...
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      Leading a team of 6-7 lab units with 18-21 FTE's in chemistry with the objective to identify (design, synthesis, evaluation) active compounds for the development of new active ingredients ...
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      You will contribute to the experimental work in the field of advanced protein characterization by mass spectrometry and detailed analysis of protein glycosylation by chromatographic and additi...
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      Conduct independent research projects related to chemistry of new polymers and fibers To develop your academic profile through scientific publications and internal reporting To initi...

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       Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

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      The following situation is typical for many production plants: After a routine quality check, the production process is stopped or an already produced batch is suspended, because the analysis results ...
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      A new dynamic method for thermomechanical characterization of candidate target materials (tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum) has been developed as part of the program advancing high power targets for...
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      In many areas of application - extending far beyond drinking and waste water analysis - a fast and reliable TOC/TNb determination is required. The catalytic high temperature combustion with...

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